the screamPoppa’s Kitchen is Steve Feldman & Bob Romanus.

Bob was born and raised in Hartford Connecticut.  He grew up in a home filled with music.  “We listened to everything, show tunes, pop songs, opera, Country & Western.”  The first song that rocked Bob’s world was Double Shot Of My Baby’s Love by the Swingin Medallions.

At the age of nine he inherited his first drum kit and immediately began to bang on them in his basement.  After that he would grab any instrument he could get his hands on.  He formed a band with his brother and some neighborhood kids. They headlined a gig at The Hartford Institute For The Living.

Destined for bigger things, he bought a bus ticket to the land of bigger dreams, Los Angeles California.

Steve is originally from Chicago.  The first song  he heard that captured his imagination was Walk Right In by the Rooftop Singers.

In High School a buddy of his was playing in a band called Dry Ice.   Steve sat through all of their rehearsals.   They could play Smoke On The Water.  They were Gods.   Steve was inspired to get a guitar.  He learned to play a G and C chord. Not long after, he started writing songs and the songs led him to Los Angeles California.

Bruce Springsteen sang about “A little cafe where they play guitars all night and day”.  There really was a place like that in Hollywood.  It was a restaurant where waiters, bartenders and busboys not only served customers but entertained them by singing and playing.   Steve was the new singing busboy.  Being the low man on the totem pole it was hard to get others to perform with him.   Bob had quit working there a few weeks before Steve arrived.  He had a movie career that was taking off.   But he could not shake the music bug.  He’d drop by to strum guitars, play the bass and drink some free coffee. One day,  filled with caffeine and goodwill Bob offered to play on a tune Steve was about to perform and…..

That’s how Poppa’s Kitchen began.

Glad you stopped by.  Enjoy the music.

Steve Feldman/ Bob Romanus/ Poppa’s Kitchen

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, I had no idea you were a great musician Bob. Grew up loving Fast Times and recently shared it with my son. Great music and Great talent! Keep it up and I wish you the best!

  2. Stranger things have happened, I just happened to see Bob interviewed by some guy on yahoo about 30th annv. of FTARH when he mentioned his band Poppas Kitchen, I checked it out on a whim and I have found a real gem. I love your earthy soulful take on life and it makes me wish I would have left Chicago for good when I went in the Air Force. I did spend 2 years in Death Valley National Park and I loved it. Also I was able to travel all over the Golden State. I think you guys are great and I hope you live forever (so you can make music forever). Best wishes to you guys and let me know if you ever come to Chicago and I will turn everyone I know on to Poppas Kitchen!

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